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Click on the book image or this link to listen to a radio interview with Tara L. Robinson on the day her book was released. She’s shares her excitement, as well as behind-the-scenes secrets of the book, with the listeners.

Tara L. Robinson is the author of The Ultimate Risk: Seven Mysteries to Unlock Your Passion and Purpose (published by Hay House, Inc. 2017). Available now at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Tara’s new “adventure” self-help book, The Ultimate Risk, is taking the world by storm. Some reviewers are already saying is the next The Secret and The Celestine Prophecy.

This is no ordinary self-help book. It’s an adventure story . . .


Your life is your adventure—and you are its main character and hero. You need only open your eyes to the clues that are right in front of you.


At the very core of your existence, there is a primal energy force that craves the answers these universal clues hold . . . nudging you forward, gnawing at you when you fail to act.


Each day becomes a gamble—taken with your life.


Everything is at stake.


By opening The Ultimate Risk, you’ll begin a quest to uncover the secrets to living with passion, realizing your purpose, and creating a life brimming with meaning and enchantment at every turn.

In her mesmerizing debut book, Tara L. Robinson presents seven hidden mysteries—from the power of intention to living backward in time to the Void—that will help you awaken to who you really are and tap into greater happiness than you ever imagined.

Immersing you in a fictional adventure story with you at the helm, she’ll launch you on a captivating journey where you’ll learn to use your natural spiritual abilities to build a real life that you love.

As you unlock the stunning power of each deepening mystery, Tara will share illuminating examples and practical ways to integrate their principles into your daily experience.

You have more power than you ever imagined . . . and this book will guide you to harness it once and for all and truly live a life without regret.


Every day we gamble with our lives. We make choices that either lead to living a life we love or a life dictated mostly by fear. This is the Ultimate Risk. In her book, Tara helps the reader awaken to how they can live a life of passion and purpose.

The Ultimate Risk is the ultimate life guidebook. Creatively designed as a mystical adventure through seven mysteries, readers encounter action steps which will unlock the secrets of each mystery. As readers experience the initiation of stepping through the doorway of each mystery, they discover their own unique version of living a life of passion and purpose and the details are more clearly revealed to them. Passion and purpose is activated in each reader as they bravely step onto this path.

1st Mystery: Law of Association

Initiation: Personal Power

Action: Cultivate

2nd Mystery: Power of Intention

Initiation: Prayer

Action: Activate

3rd Mystery: Awareness

Initiation: I Am

Action: Excavate

4th Mystery: Silence

Initiation: Grace

Action: Contemplate

5th Mystery: Living Backward in Time

Initiation: Command of Energy

Action: Animate

 6th Mystery: Enlightenment

Initiation: Spiritual Alchemy 

Action: Illuminate

 7th Mystery: The Void

Initiation: Surrender

Action: Create


The following is an excerpt reprinted with permission by the author from The Ultimate Risk: Seven Mysteries to Unlock Your Passion and Purpose (Hay House, Inc. 2017). 

Welcome, brave friend, to the portal that is The Ultimate Risk. Remember, this is your portal, your adventure, and you are the hero in these pages. My wish for your journey is that you will engage this book experientially, allowing the words to come alive and speak their personal message to you just as special books have done for me along my journey. As the mystery of you begins to unfold, may you fall ever deeper in love with yourself and all of life, and emerge from this labyrinth equipped with the clarity and courage you need to live a life without regret.

If you keep your eyes open, you’ll find yourself traversing a fantastical world beyond the illusion-generating Matrix in no time.

If you choose to accept this quest, just know that it’s not for the faint of heart. Quite the contrary. This is a true hero’s journey, requiring strength, stamina, and more than a little courage, because the clues are not always easy to find and unlock. I encourage you to stay alert to every thought and feeling you have as you explore the world these pages open to you. Every internal and external movement you detect contains a clue. Challenges are not to be avoided but embraced—since as a seeker, you’ll soon realize that every challenge leads to the understanding of a particularly important clue.

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The First Clue

Standing at the doorway of the ancient temple, you feel your skin prickle with anticipation. Your journey has led you to this forgotten land, where the temple with crumbling walls seems to beckon you. Weary from a lifetime pursuit of gold and riches, you recently began a new quest seeking something more. You were told by those considered “wise ones” that this ruin contains the secrets . . . and you already sense them entreating you to enter.

As you cross the threshold into the temple, the building appears dark and empty. Peering into the cavernous space, you run your fingers over the wall, hoping to find evidence of writing, or etching, or something that can help direct you. All that meets your senses is barren stone and the still, thick air.

But then a small sliver of light in the far wall catches your eye. You slowly move toward it, and suddenly the light coming through becomes blinding. You shield your eyes and feel slightly disoriented as you sense a subtle shift in the air around you. You’re overcome with a burning desire to know what lies beyond the wall. As you draw near, you notice with great surprise that the “crack” is actually in the shape of a keyhole and appears to be expanding the closer you approach.

In a flash you are sucked into the keyhole and feel yourself spiraling through the cosmos. The speed and motion scramble your thoughts until it feels as if your brain is mush.

With a thud, you land on something solid. Wherever you’ve arrived looks very much like Earth; in fact, your eyes would tell you that you never left, yet the air in this place feels different: lighter and clearer.

As the fog begins to clear in your mind, you step forward onto a grassy path that stretches out in front of you, leading directly into a forest. The colors are vibrant, mesmerizing, nothing like the muted colors of the world you left behind. Even the mushrooms seem to be sparkling. Entering the woods, you’re captivated by the way the flowers and the trees seem to welcome you. Your heart fills with a sense of reverence, as you could swear it even looks like every living thing is bowing slightly in your direction.

There’s so much to take in! The sound of the birds reverberates in your body as if they are singing directly to and for you. The very wind seems to whisper your name. All your senses are heightened, and somehow you can actually taste the ambrosial smells and feel the sounds. Every sensation becomes one with your being.

Soaking in the magnificence of your enchanting surroundings, you pause and notice that right on the path before you is a shining red stone on the ground. Even among all the other radiant colors, this stone is impossible to miss . . . because it’s glowing. You bend down to pick it up, and it immediately responds to your touch by glowing even brighter. Holding it in the palm of your hand, you stare at its brilliance and suddenly you remember: you are more powerful than you ever realized.

You stand still, enraptured, feeling yourself changing. Your body seems to be “updating” as your cells shift and reorganize to match the vibration of your new awareness. Once the intensity of the moment passes, you shudder as the extent of your abilities begins to dawn on you.

Strengthened by this knowing, you continue on your journey down the winding path. You have yet to discover the specifics of your abilities and the purpose they are to serve. But infused with hope and inspiration, you move forward with conviction, careful to tuck the stone securely into your well-worn brown satchel. You want to have it close to remind you of the message it holds.

The act of keeping the stone as a reminder is a brilliant decision on your part. It illustrates your instinctual yet masterful use of the mysterious and magickal law of association.