Tara has worked with some of the most well-respected and sought after teachers in the world today. Read what they are saying about her and her work.

“Tara, it takes an amazing host to create chemistry with the guest. You are so consciously awake, you made (the interview) easy. I hope we can keep in touch and consider each other one of the ‘tribe’.”  ~ Ester Nicholson (award-winning vocalist and Hay House author, Soul Recovery)

“To know Tara is to meet an undeniably positive force of life. She has the amazing ability to SEE the potential in someone even before it crystallizes fully in themselves. As if by Divine guidance and intuition, she is able to use herself and her life as a channel to promote, provoke and inspire the Very Best in people. Allowing them to see clearly the roadmap  towards their goals and dreams. She is the conduit of grace, whereby people can open their eyes to see their purpose and find their passion in this life. She exemplifies the very best in human nature as she devotes her life and its meaning to help others to their higher calling.  Her speeches, writings and workshops are an undeniable force in the awakening of this planet.” ~ Jennifer Annenberg, TV Host Revolutionizing the Art of Happiness

“Never have I so much enjoyed being interviewed!  It was like sitting on the porch on a long summer day chatting with a dear friend about the things in life that really matter.  The hour went by in a flash.  Tara is such a bright soul.  She is a blessing to spend time with!” ~ Nancy L. Bloemer, ThD, LMT, RYT, author The Now River

“Tara, Just to say thanks so much for the interview yesterday. It was absolutely gorgeous to be with you for a whole hour, and I was so impressed at how clearly you’d ‘got’ the book – I felt as if I’d written it just for you!  Whether that’s simply your charm and professionalism as a show host, or a genuine love of the book – I really found you to be a most gracious, wonderful host. So thank-you! Best wishes with all you do!” ~ Natalie Fee, author The Everyday Alchemist’s Happiness Handbook

“I have had the fortune of being interviewed by Tara for a 2-hour radio spot, and participating in one of her mini-workshops.  Tara is an extraordinary speaker and motivator, who listens with compassion and offers insights and guidance with depth and wisdom.  Tara is one of those professionals who is truly cut out for the kind of work she is doing. I highly recommend her.” ~ Eric Russo

“Tara Robinson exudes passion, enthusiasm and unparalleled conviction for the pursuit of eternal happiness. It is her belief that everyone is entitled to this happiness. Thus this is her life mission and gift she gives to those around her. She is truly remarkable.” ~ Kathy Kirk

“Tara Robinson has the refreshing and light presence of a freshly grown garden of flowers, but she also carries with her the depth and wisdom that only comes from plunging deep into the ground tilling and exploring the earth where the seeds of the flowers are born. This dynamic combination makes her available for Any conversation. Her ability to listen beyond the illusions of outer personality, with a sweetness unique to only her, brings comfort and ease while working with others. I am honored to call her a friend, colleague and a Divine soul.” ~ Andrea Ciafardini, Holistic Connections, Inc.

“Tara, Thank you for offering this class. It was so informative. I learned a lot about how to use my life experience to help me get to where I am going. It was also nice to go into our past and find things to work with that make us who we are today. Good or not so good. It was very neat to take the Multiple Intelligences Test. It is an eye opener, I learned things from that I did not realize, that I can bring out more now that I’m aware. I loved the presentation. Uplifting,encouraging,Fun. Thank you for reminding me to keep persevering if I believe it. There is always a customer out there with a need to match my service. Namaste. ~ Brecka Burton, founder Rising of the Phoenix weekend

“If you are looking for a motivational speaker for an assembly, I highly recommend Tara L. Robinson. She did a wonderful job speaking to students who have leadership positions at Mother of Mercy High School. I suggest using her talents as a resource for your students.” ~ Cara Hyland, Director of Admissions

As a Life Coach

Tara is exceptional – in every way! Working with her has opened the door to my dreams. Within one year, I not only launched a writing career and website, but I also became an Amazon and New York Times Best Selling Author! Yes, I had to do my work to achieve this; but Tara’s guidance and belief in my dreams broke down my road blocks and created a much smoother surface to follow. She has outstanding resources to draw from and the support she offers is beyond compare.

The Light that streams from Tara is palpable. I truly believe her intention and practice raises the bar for all coaching programs.

Your dreams are worth it! Tara knows this, and she wants them to come true for you. Working with Tara is one of the best gifts I’ve ever given to myself and has completely changed my life.” ~ Jen Flick, bestselling contributing author of Eat, Pray, Love Made Me Do It

“Working with Tara was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Before we began working together, I was filled with doubt, insecurity and self judgment. On my quest to know myself, I’d already sought the support of many other coaches, teachers, healers, but my deepest fears and doubts were still alive in my psyche. Tara held up the Light, so I could see the light within me too. The loving gaze she reflected back to me, was a game changer, and exactly what I needed to transform my life.” ~ Sophie Maya

“I could list countless ways Tara’s Coaching has improved the quality of my life. From business brainstorming, planning, and consulting, to personal transformation support, Tara has so much to offer her clients. Her open minded (and open hearted) style of coaching is exactly the type of support that saw me through some major life transitions. The level of compassion, trust, and wise counsel she brings is above and beyond anything I had previously experienced. If you’re looking for a sounding board, an open ear, and grounded YET spiritual coaching, Tara is your best bet. I am ever grateful for the way she has helped me and continues to inspire me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!” ~  Colleen Herman

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