Be the Space

Anyone who knows me would not use the word “calm” to describe me. However, I’ve become much more calm than I used to be. I breathe into my belly way more often than I ever used to and I stay anchored in the present moment in more moments than I did in the past.

So what inspired this lovely change in the state of my being? Was it meditation? Was it calm visualization? Was it soothing music? Well, maybe eventually those things came into play, but initially I had no interest in them what so ever. In fact, I thought I would never be able to sit still for 10 seconds much less 10 minutes. The idea sounded like torture. However, it was through exposure to people who carry a sense of “space” with them that I began to want more of what I felt when I was near them.

That’s it. It’s that simple. When we show up centered and present, it ignites a transformation in anyone who is within our physical vicinity. There’s no way we can talk someone into trying meditation or convince someone they need to slow down. It’s essential to model it.

An amazing thing happens when we show up with some space around our being. When our mind is calm and our body is relaxed. When we’re not on a constant thinking treadmill of what’s next on our to-do list. ¬†And I’m still not actually very good at this, but I can recognize it in other people. It becomes addictive. The power of presence is just that, very powerful.

How can you inspire peace in the world? It’s not through preaching about the necessity of allowing space in our days to get in touch with our inner-selves. It’s through being the peace.

And if you long for a sense of peace but you just can’t quite see how to get there. Here’s a tip. Surround yourself with calming influences. Don’t change a thing just yet. No need to carve out time in your day to sit quietly or journal. Just add the ingredients into your day as-is. Instead of drowning out your thoughts with hard core rock music in the car. Turn on Hay House radio through the app on your phone and listen to the voices of people who’ve done the work. Choose a book to read that offers some meaning and depth in a format you enjoy, instead of going for the next edge-of-your-seat, heart-stopping thriller. Same time spent, different choices. Different results.

As we all begin to settle down a bit, learn how to breathe into our core, not because we “have” to, but because it becomes a lifeline for us, the space around the busy-ness increases, and we can all begin to breathe a little easier.